Upcoming Art & Health Expo Lectures


Compassionate Listening from the Inner “3rd Chair” of Consciousness – John Kinyon

John Kinyon trains individuals and organizations in the ability to have conversations that produce compassion and collaboration. John is co-founder of the Mediate Your Life training program and company. The training gives you the ability to “mediate” empathic communication, understanding, and agreements with yourself and others when there is disconnection or conflict. You gain the ability to take the “3rd perspective” of the inner mediator, the seat of consciousness and highest aspect in each of us, and navigate the stormy seas and rough terrains of inner and outer challenges. For more information see http://www.johnkinyon.com and http://www.mediateyourlife.com.

Saturday  4:30pm



Miracle In Brazil – Two Children Healed by John of God – Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon

Miracles in Brazil – my work with John of God, the greatest healer on earth. Two miracle healings took place in Brazil on Kathleen’s last tour group in December. She will discuss those miracles as well as her work with John of God using the crystal bed, which is a portal to the spiritual world. www.talktokathleen.com/crystal_bed_29.html

Saturday 3:30pm, Sunday 10:30am


“How to keep your physical body healthy” – Dr. Bonar

Dr. Bonar will discuss how the different types of stress in our lives affect your physical health.  He will share ways of improving your health so that you can live a healthier, happier and more loving life!
Saturday 2:30pm


“Sound healing and Shamanism” – Israel Hurtado

During this lecture you will understand the power healing of the sound through drumming and other higher vibrations sounds as crystal bowls, voice toning. You will have an opportunity to experience the vibration of the sound in a short meditation.


Saturday 12:30pm, Sunday 1:30pm



“Holistic Health:  One Simple Technique That Could Change Your Health – Oil Pull Demonstration” – Susan A. Hernandez

As seen on Dr Oz (it’s true).  Come learn the benefits of holistic health techniques and how one technique could improve over 10 serious conditions which you may be facing.  If you have heard about “oil pulling” and have been curious now is your chance to experience it first hand!  Raffle prizes too!
Saturday 10:30am,  Sunday 2:30pm


brian profile

Positive Parenting:  A strength based approach to discipline that is based on communication, consistency, and encouraging positive behavior in children.  – Brian Ford

Positive Parenting and the Five Parenting Tips that every parent should know.   This lecture will look at common reasons that children misbehave and what parents can do about it.
Saturday & Sunday 11:30am



Topic: Essential Oils – The Perfect Fit! – Beverly Claussen

From daytime to bedtime, our Essential Oils Can be the perfect Solution for every part of your life. Discover how your can enhance your day, every day.

Sunday 12:30pm



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“Spirit Animals…Their Elements, Directions and Messages!” – R Kiki Marshall

R Kiki Marshall will be presenting a brief  introduction to the world of everyday “Animal  Medicine” and the information animals have to offer.  All Nature’s creatures present information to everyone of us when we open our eyes…listen carefully…and open our minds and hearts to their gifts.  Every direction and each element in the Cathedral of Nature offer perspective, direction and clarity around those messages. Come explore!

Saturday 1:30pm





Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World with JuicePlus+ – Kimberley Thompson & Dorothy Screen

 JuicePlus+ The Whole Food Based Nutrition & the TOWERGARDEN, aeroponic gardening without the dirt and hassle of traditional gardening.


Saturday 5:30pm, Sunday 3:30pm