The Theme for March, April, and May: “Aikido and Wellness”

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Starting this year in March, New School Aikido will be focusing on a theme for our classes.

Aikido and Wellness

During the months of March, April, and May, New School Aikido will be focusing on wellness. By wellness we mean a state of balance. To arrive at a state of balance we need to integrate and purify the four domains of mind, body, spirit, and emotion. O Sensei, himself, often described Aikido as misogi or purification. “As a whole then, the true martial arts is a practice of purification – one that works to purify our body/mind of the ignorance that denies this deep and most real unity.” Through Aikido practice we can purify destructive patterns. By adding one new pattern of thinking, feeling, acting, or relating to the spirit, we can, at the same time purify unwholesome patterns. Physical exercise, meditation, solution-focused thinking, and getting involved with a positive group are some of the ways we can bring ourselves into balance. Of course, Aikido practice achieves many of these very objectives. However, we must also reflect on how we can continue misogi outside of the dojo as well.

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