We are fortunate to have a direct lineage leading back to the founder of Aikido,
Morehei Ueshiba. Our leaders and management team have guided New School Aikido since the mid-1980s.




(1883 – 1969)

Founder of the revolutionary art of Aikido.


Martial Arts, Stockton

(1923 – 2004)

Close disciple of O’Sensei and head of Juku Dojo in Shinju Japan after O’Sensei’s death.

Appointed 10th degree black belt by O’Sensei.


Martial Arts, Stockton

Founder of New School Aikido.

Currently the Director of the Aikido Center, in Athens Georgia. Sensei Smartt revolutionized the

teachings of Aikido by developing a program specially geared for American students.

John Smartt trained in Aikido in japan under Hikitsuchi
Sensei, who was one of two 10th dans appointed by O Sensei Morehei Ueshiba

John Smartt started New School Aikido in Stockton, California in 1986 in his garage on Field Ave. He’s trained over one
hundred black belts in Stockton since that time. Many of our teachers were trained by John Smartt, and some of which were
inspired to go out and establish their own dojos in California:

Pete Swingle, in Fresno.
Dan Matlock, in San Jose.
Brandy Lucky, in Antioch.
Matt Fluty, in Sacramento.
Steven Steger, in Modesto.
Isaiah Wisdom, in Santa Rosa.
Paul Ross, in Jackson.
Dave Brigham, in Fair Oaks.

Elaine Smartt, the current owner of New School Aikido in Stockton, CA.